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Humanist technologist. Equality and adventures.

I co-founded Elgg and Known, worked on Medium, and now invest in innovative media startups at Matter.


Algorithmic feeds are socially problematic, but here's why companies switch to them.


This. I was worried about The Handmaid's Tale, but it's clever, human, and viscerally terrifying. Worth watching.


Well, this is kind of a shitshow. Livejournal was such an important part of my early web life. Really sad.


If this is true, it's just reason 5,000,007 not to use Uber. But none of you are anymore, right?


I'm hosting Homebrew Website Club at @mattervc SF tomorrow. Join us at 6:30 for demos & talk about a stronger independent web.


America being set up to be a backwards, anti-democratic state. This is so depressing.


Really nice update from - and I'll defend this! - the best TV show ever made.