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Humanist technologist. Equality and adventures.

I co-founded Elgg and Known, worked on Medium, and now invest in innovative media startups to support a stronger democracy at Matter.


The pangs of "here's what we should have done" are pretty strong for me wrt Known right now. Channeling that energy to new startups.


More and more grant-funded internet freedom projects are moving to direct revenue. ChatSecure is the latest:


Crazy that it's necessary, but 1Password's new travel mode keeps your accounts safe as you cross borders. I'm loyal.


Platforms like ZeroKit are theoretically great, but the code should be auditable to protect against backdoors.


Blockstack sounds great; decentralized names and certificates are a huge step forward in particular. Let's see.


Bombing a room full of kids is sick. Impressed by the Manchester community rallying: Holiday Inn taking in kids, cabs giving free rides.


I've been very blockchain-skeptical. This podcast episode is helping to change my mind a bit:


I'd missed this article about Facebook's campus. Interesting reading: what fosters creative productivity?


There's a lot to think about here, but in principle this seems like a good idea. Protect your users.