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Living in this world, will inevitably encounter unhappy things, walked the streets, the scenery encountered along the way, can not stay, can not go back, all the way wind and rain, all the way songs, happy, regret, also lost. A person, you will find that the world really quiet most of the time, you need a person to face life's long road, who is better to rely on their own.--InscriptionThe more grew more lonely, more grown up more that no one will stay with you forever, but only through a near or far away, because the character, because of the distance, it will make people walked change direction, contrary to lopsided, leaving you just a human figure. Journey of life, there is always a lot of passers-by, maybe fall in love, perhaps different phase for the plan, perhaps Brief Encounter, but we all just footsteps, with a shallow depth, the harvest each one, each person have their own way, each person has their own needs wiping tears, therefore, doomed to a lonely journey, we must learn a person strong.The journey of life walking in the rain, we did not need to make things difficult for themselves, cold, add their own clothes, tired, give yourself a hug; could not get on, think about why they have to adhere to the present. It failed, fell, got up and wiped away tears, continue to move forward, helping someone, we must be grateful, no support, and never give up, keep it to yourself a strong, stormed Fragrance, Health and warm heart.Feeling all the years of walking, walking in our hearts, many times, is the most elusive people, you stubbornly stick to an affection, might return is the other's ruthless, or indifference. As long as you think it really will be infected each other, and the other will be back in the same way with you, but the distance between people is sometimes so far away that you will never be able to guess each other's thoughts, far the second before you still warm heart warm lung friend, the next second it will become possible and do not care about strangers, so do not put too much of your own feelings and expectations placed others, learn to think, learn to precipitation, shallow case , deeply hidden. Those who live in is not perfect, we can only rely on their own experience and feelings, life is like tea, or thick or thin, or sweet or bitter, all we need to taste

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