A long time ago on an #indieweb far far away …

Ben Werdmüller


There are only 3 stories on Medium about pulmonary fibrosis. Hey, #ipf community - surely we can do better? https://medium.com/search?q=pulmonary%20fibrosis @pfforg


Over on Medium, Chelsea Manning on LGBTQ rights under the new administration: https://medium.com/@xychelsea/looking-forward-be816f2fa97f#.s420wdj00


I'm a little sad they renamed pubsubhubbub. https://www.w3.org/TR/websub/


The Knight Foundation is funding Quartz to explore the use of bots in journalism on new platforms: https://blog.qz.com/why-were-starting-the-quartz-bot-studio-ae535cc9ed45#.1lhhe2ow7


I have logistical questions. http://cheeseadventcalendar.com/


The ACLU agrees: flag-burning is protected speech and banning it is un-American. https://medium.com/aclu/no-president-elect-trump-people-cannot-be-punished-for-burning-the-flag-f3085fdc25c1#.7na8j9szq



Bots will be the operating system for a new generation of internet users (I get a very kind shout-out): https://medium.com/@marccanter4real/ai-natives-and-the-age-of-disinformation-8c7b123e9891?source=linkShare-3b16402f5b9d-1480452380 #bots #ai