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I'm so used to posting on my own site first and syndicating to Twitter and Facebook that I'd find it so weird to post natively.


Regardless of where else you share it, if you believe in you should put your research on the open web.


Are personal websites still necessary?


Hanging out at Homebrew Website Club at Mozilla SF. We're just getting started, but it's not too late to turn up! 6:30-7:30.


This, exactly. (Now ask us what we're building.) Why Facebook won:


Microsoft's excellent Live Writer is now open source. Points to the first hacker to add micropub.


@aaronpk My mom taught me BASIC too!


Mince pie filling: achieved.


Stickers! #indiewebcamp #indieweb #withknown #keyboardio


Sadness all round as it emerges that @Mozilla's wifi blocks @erinjo's personal website.


So awesome. @obra has been importing old posts - important memories - into his @withknown site. #indieweb


I'll say it again: my mom was a business analyst. She wrote a text editor in assembler. Stop using moms as "non-tech-savvy".


Tempting to just sit and make mince pies today.