Seeing a lot of demand for "publish elsewhere, save on your own site" vs "publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere".


Homebrew Website Club at Mozilla San Francisco. #indieweb


If you care about owning your own space on the Internet, is the event for you. It's free:


Facebook-style behavior "is not good for our society". Agree! Check out the :


@aaronpk Then it's my mistake, for which I apologize! @schock


@schock That is actually crucial feedback. You're right, and should probably move away from that language.


Want to learn more about open platforms, including , that you can use to teach & learn today? Meet us in CA Ballroom C.


Enabling people to be homesteaders rather than digital sharecroppers is one of the tenets of the :


Web apps allow learners to use the device of their choice (or your institutional devices!), on their terms.


One trend in technology that does not help equality: stop developing for iOS / OS X first. Be tech-agnostic.


"All of this is done on device and it stays on device, under your control. You are in control." Tide is turning.


RIP, Yahoo! Pipes. This is the kind of thing there really needs to be a user-friendly alternative to.


On my way to Homebrew Website Club at @Mozilla SF. If you're in the area, it's not too late to join us!


I'm super-proud of everything we've done on @withknown so far. - but also very personal publishing.


Congratulations to @jimgroom on his move to go full time with Reclaim Hosting: