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Proposal: let's stop using the phrase "Dark Web". It's the Private Web.


The Internet and the web weren't created by startups: it was and research centers. Public funding for would do it again.


@kid_oyo An DC would be cool ...


The second anniversary of Homebrew Website Club made me very happy. @t founded a great community. I'm proud to be a part of it.


Tantek lights birthday candles. Two years of Homebrew Website Club! #indieweb


Want us to come & help you design the future of on-campus domains? Get in touch:


@erinroseglass @nathanairplane @HongPong We're building open software for education. Also check out @ReclaimHosting and .


Apparently @turnitin marks your work as plagiarism if you've also posted it on your own domain. Not in line with thinking.


If you scroll down in this post about Known at BYU, you'll see some very cool new features ...


Kudos to Rubio for mentioning his domain at the end of his closing statement. Politicians know you need your own site.


I'm interested in feedback from the and communities. Building an open source business:


Wear your digital identity with pride! Now with $8 off any .io or .com domain from Gandi:


@DeadSuperHero That's right. I think it'd be neat to see @withknown talk to - and for to speak the protocols.


Is your domain your online identity? You have just 7 days to literally get the T-shirt.