@naval I would also include the FSF, as well as smaller projects and communities like that are continuing to push the envelope.


"We Like Software": @kevinmarks goes deep on the rationale behind the indie web. Awesome. http://www.kevinmarks.com/we-like-indieweb-software.html


Changed the style on http://werd.io a little. Too much?


Hanging out at Homebrew Website Club at Mozilla SF. Not too late to join us! Participants promise to talk more IRL than on IRC.


I really like @aaronpk's homegrown collections of content. Really elegantly done.


We chose to structure our Known Pro pre-sale so that we took payment only once we delivered on our promises. Imminent.


But of course, users should be able to use a shared host. They just deserve cutting edge features too. More soon.


Coming to some very pragmatic platform opinions. Shared hosts can't support all the features modern users rightly expect.


TIL that CSP headers on sites like GitHub mean that bookmarklets don't work, forcing you to build browser extensions.


Interesting point from the federated social web list: encouraging people to have their own domain is encouraging them to self-dox.


Devised a year-long personal creative project that happens to use Known, Bridgy and tech. It'll also make some rum lovers v happy.


@mapkyca I think a micropub script could be a great answer here.


Discovering that many wifi hotspots automatically kill large file POSTs, but, eg, Dropbox works. Room for JS chunked uploads?


Excited about my first Eurostar trip, not least because I'm going to talk about @withknown and the at @Mozilla Paris on Dec 16!