I'm demoing #indieweb !


Going to be talking about #indieweb tech (the ideas & tech behind @withknown) at #iiw in 15 minutes. IRC channel, please do not swear. ;)


Export your data from the cloud! We set up an easy-to-use guide to show you how: http://freemydata.co/ #iiw #indieweb


Letting users download all their data is part of the bargain you make when you store it. It's not a premium feature. Not optional. #indieweb


Excited to talk about some of the amazing #indieweb technology we're using on @withknown at #html5devconf this afternoon (5pm, room N120).


@knowtheory @eads @emilybell It's a lot of the basis of the #indieweb movement, and our motivation for building @withknown.


Sounds like Team #Indieweb is headed to the Thirsty Scholar, where the opening scenes of The Social Network were filmed.


Watching @obra demo his Twitter to @withknown importer. He's importing all his tweets! #indiewebcamp



Computer scientists at work. #indiewebcamp


Hack idea: a quantified self site that hosts all your non-verbal noises from your day using a simple, beautiful interface. #indiewebcamp


A half-marathon and other obstacles slowing our progress into #indiewebcamp this morning. But we'll get there!


Ported @withknown to PHP 5.3 this afternoon. Needs some testing. Release candidate here: http://assets.withknown.com/releases/known-0.6.4.zip #indieweb


Learning that very few shared hosts support PHP 5.4 by default. So, that's it: we're backporting @withknown to 5.3. #weep #indieweb


From now on, @timmmmyboy is doing our pitches for us. @withknown #indieweb