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From 2010: "Distributed sharing should be infrastructure that can be plugged into any kind of software."


Interesting: PayPal introduce a personal URL that lets people pay you. Your own domain maybe not far away?


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Do you want to sell subscriptions to premium content on your website? (A podcast? Maybe analysis?) I'd love to talk to you.


@dbounds You can have direct, decentralized conversations with other Known site owners (and anyone with an compatible site).


@DeadSuperHero It's , and federates discussions using tech. There's also a 3rd party Diaspora plugin! @withknown


Forestry looks interesting for purely-static websites.


Beta Postgres support landed in @withknown open source today, courtesy of @mapkyca.


Two of the biggest features in Known 0.8, which I failed to mention at Homebrew Website Club: SQLite & subdirectory installations.


@econproph The community has been great at creating an ecosystem. Working code over mailing lists and standards bodies.


Edinburgh: I highly recommend . Great ideas, great people. You should go:


Really wish I was back in the 'burgh for this weekend. I hear there's some kind of arts event at this time of year, too?


@gominokouhai No LJ / DW linking yet but that's interesting. Lots of others. Go to Edinburgh this weekend! @johnnieingram


Web Design: The First 100 Years. Fantastic (and sobering, and hilarious) as always.


The had a fantastic 2014 - and 2015 is shaping up well too.


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Of course, the AI bots won't know they're bots. Sadly, realization will be followed by a robot uprising. Then: the indiebotnet.