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Beta Postgres support landed in @withknown open source today, courtesy of @mapkyca.


Two of the biggest features in Known 0.8, which I failed to mention at Homebrew Website Club: SQLite & subdirectory installations.


@econproph The community has been great at creating an ecosystem. Working code over mailing lists and standards bodies.


Edinburgh: I highly recommend . Great ideas, great people. You should go:


Really wish I was back in the 'burgh for this weekend. I hear there's some kind of arts event at this time of year, too?


@gominokouhai No LJ / DW linking yet but that's interesting. Lots of others. Go to Edinburgh this weekend! @johnnieingram


Web Design: The First 100 Years. Fantastic (and sobering, and hilarious) as always.


The had a fantastic 2014 - and 2015 is shaping up well too.


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Of course, the AI bots won't know they're bots. Sadly, realization will be followed by a robot uprising. Then: the indiebotnet.


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After autonomous social web AI bots? We hire robots to blog for us. Humanity collectively goes down the pub, a job well done.


The next step after SWAT0 is letting each piece be interchangeable. After that? Any piece can be a robot AI. Get on it, !


I'm proud of for passing the Social Web Acid Test with 3 website platforms this weekend.


"The web that I spent years in an Iranian jail for   is dying.
Why is nobody stopping it?"


Two years of being on the #indieweb

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For the last two years, I haven't directly posted a single tweet on Twitter, a single post on Facebook or LinkedIn, or a photo on Flickr. Instead, I publish on my own site at, and syndicate to my other services.

If Flickr goes away, I keep all my photos. If Twitter pivots to another content model, I keep all my tweets. If I finally shut my Facebook profile, I get to keep everything I've posted there. And because my site is powered by Known, I can search across all of it, both by content and content type.

My site is Known site zero. It's hosted on my own server, using a MongoDB back-end. I'm also writing 750 words a day on a site - kept away from here because this site is mostly about technology, and those pieces are closer to streams of consciousness. Very shortly, though, I'll be able to syndicate from one Known site to another.

The indie web community has created a set of fantastic protocols (like webmention) and use patterns (like POSSE). I'm personally invested in making those technologies accessible to both non-technical and impatient users - partially because I'm very impatient myself.

This is a community that's been very good to me, and I find it really rewarding to participate. I'm looking forward to continuing to be a part of it as it goes from strength to strength.


If you're missing , people are demoing their projects on the stream right now: