This work paves the way for infrastructure & devices to post to their own Known site. The of things?


If I've learned one thing, it's that businesses rarely make ideological decisions. Important for / open source to grok this.


@hughhancock That's certainly our argument, and that of the community. Other forms of self - hosting are valid there, too.


@jeresig I buy the solution to this: own your own site, if you can. Avoid content silos, because those often die away.


Homebrew Website Club at the Creamery. #indieweb


"No one had to be approved to get put on the web." The Internet is rigged:


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@t Thank you!! Really excited to open a new chapter in what we're doing. And glad, as always, to be part of the community.


Educators and students get a full 50% off Known Pro:


Without , you could have been penalized for running your own website instead of using a big player. Big win for the .


@kevinmarks (And I apologize for not being there, but am working on it as we speak) @t


@davewiner I don't think that describes the whole community. eg: we want to support anything that will help you own your own site.


@theboxfactory Although, tbh, why not *all* compatible sites ...? :)


I love that, a few years in, I'm having decentralized conversations using webmention every. single. day.


@naval I would also include the FSF, as well as smaller projects and communities like that are continuing to push the envelope.