Thinking about organizing a @withknown users meetup in New York next week. What do you think? #indieweb


Just made webmention, indieauth and micropub available to thousands of people. So much more to come. #indieweb


@scottjenson @grigs Education is our first market but our ambitions are wider. We love the #indieweb (& the web as a whole). @erinjo


Also: completely inspired by the #indieweb community, as always. Passionate people working for a better web. Learn more:


So wrapped up in #indiewebcamp UK, preparing @withknown for ..., & @mattervc demo day that I forgot about #DoctorWho! Never happened before.


Enjoying watching #indiewebcamp remotely via WebRTC in my browser. Yo dawg, I heard you like web standards.


Why can't you comment on this post? #indieweb

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I'm sometimes asked why my posts here on my Known site don't let people comment on them.

The answer is: actually, they do. And I want to read your comments. Feedback is a gift.

Known, like p3k, Taproot and a number of other platforms, uses an open technology called webmention to power its comments. Plugins are also available to help WordPress use webmention.

What webmention gives us is a truly decentralized conversation: you can make a post on your site, mark it as being in reply to this post, and it'll show up as a comment here - but you also get to keep everything you've written on your own site. That way, even if my site goes away, you have a record of every conversation you've had with me. (If you want it.)

You don't need Known to leave a comment: you can use anything that supports webmention.

Through the power of webmention and Bridgy, you can also reply to this post on Twitter and Facebook (see the links at the bottom of the page for this post), and your response will show up here.

This isn't to say that we're not going to add public comments to Known. We are. But we want to make sure we do it right. Sites like Medium have shown interesting new models for user feedback that we're very interested in (and there are decentralized counterparts like marginalia).

We're definitely inviting feedback on this, and would love to read your thoughts. What kind of comments would you like to see?


@LongHandPixels We're doing our best with @withknown. Publishing first, but then ... #watchthisspace #indieweb


Farewell, #twitpic. Many photos lost. Yet another reason why it's better to share from a site that you control. #indieweb


Some @withknown #indieweb tech changes that landed last night: better webmentions handling, and full micropub support for single-user sites.


UK friends who care about the web: I highly recommend #IndieWebCamp UK, Sep 6-7 in Brighton.


Visions of Known: an awesome convergence of thought between #edtech and #indieweb


Run your own 'MySpace' (an interview with me from November 2006) #tbt #indieweb


Geeking out over @aaronpk's amazing websockets-based web IRC client for #indiewebcamp. Join the chat!