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Micropub is a W3C working draft for a standard API that posts content to a domain.


@obra I'm converting to the PESOS religion.


@kylewmahan One of the things I really like about is that it's about making new things for the future.


Heading to Mozilla San Francisco for Homebrew Website Club! You should too, if you're in the neighborhood.


Last night I dreamt of an studio, hosted at a university, acting as a hub for the movement.


WebAssembly, if it works, is going to change the web. It's also a big opportunity for really open application infrastructure.


Known was originally called Idno for literally this reason:

"What does it stand for?"
"I d'no"


"We are moving toward a syndicated web." A snapshot from a bygone age:


Homebrew Website Club from last night. Always fun to hangout and talk #indieweb.