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AI-generated content on Medium

Over on Medium, VP Content Scott Lamb asked:

We’re curious what you think. How do you think Medium should approach AI-generated content? What are good and bad examples of AI content? What are you concerned about? What are you excited about?

Here’s how I replied:

I think my biggest ask is actually on the corpus side of AI writing generation: allow me to prevent my writing from being used as part of an AI system. Companies like OpenAI need to agree to a robots.txt-style system to prevent ingestion that can be broadly used, and then Medium needs to apply it across the board.

Work needs to be done to fingerprint AI writing, but until then, I don't think it can be identified accurately, which means it will always fall through the cracks. Instead, poor quality work - and authors who consistently publish it - should not rise in recommendations.

I wonder if there's a case to be made for creating in-house community-positive AI tools so people aren't using spammy tools from elsewhere? For example, a tool that poses interesting questions and helps an amateur author write more comprehensive original work.

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