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Introducing Sources

Two website updates:

Inspired by Dave Winer’s FeedLand, I now publish a live view of my sources at I start every day with my feeds, and this page is powered by those exact same subscriptions. So as I curate my list, the page at will update automatically, and you can see what I’m reading.

Behind the scenes, this is a small Node script that polls the NewsBlur API and outputs a static HTML file every five minutes. For now, it ignores my mailing list subscriptions, which I also read through NewsBlur, mostly because some of those are paid and I don’t want to expose private content.

As always, if you know of a source that should be added to the list, let me know! I love discovering new sources to read - and particularly new personal blogs.

Speaking of: the second thing I did was resurrect my website at When I moved hosting providers a while back, I failed to bring it back online, but this is an archive of every blog post I made between 2004 and 2013. It’s powered by WordPress, which I also upgraded in the process, so the design is a little different - but the content’s all there. Here are some highlighted posts from that era of my writing.

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