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Some links out to the blogosphere

I’ve added two links to the bottom of every page on my website.

The first is to the IndieWeb webring: a directory of personal websites from people who are a part of the indieweb movement. These sites run the gamut of topics, but they’re mostly personal profiles from people who like to write on the web. Just like me! (You can click the left or right arrows to get to a random site.)

The second is to, which I learned about from a post on Winnie Lim’s site. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the name: a categorized list of blogs. I love it and I’m glad it exists.

I want more of you to blog. Please write about your personal experiences! I want to read them! And doing it on your personal space is far better than simply tweeting, or using something like Facebook or (shudder) LinkedIn, simply because you can be more long-form, and build up a corpus of writing that really represents you. And sure, yes, Medium is fine. But I want to read what you have to say, and other people do too.

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