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Kate McKean describes how she’s writing her novel:

Right now, I am getting up early (6ish, not bonkers early) and leaving my house about 7am to go to a local coffee shop to write for an hour or two before my regular work day. I do this Tuesdays and Thursdays as much as possible.

It’s honestly not a bad plan. I’ve mostly been writing in the evenings once the baby goes to sleep, but not as consistently as I’d like: there are sets of days where I get barely any words down at all. But then again, there are other days when I write thousands, and because I’ve become used to my own ebbs and flows I try not to be too hard on myself.

If I’m writing during the daytime, green tea is my crutch. There’s something about just enough caffeine, without the cortisol boost that coffee gives you, that puts my head into the right spot. I used to depend on to tune out distractions, but I’m lucky enough to have an office with a closing door. The sound of the wind outside — or more commonly lately, a raging thunderstorm — works just fine.

It’s taken a very long time to get this far, but at this pace I expect to have a full first draft ready by the end of September. Obviously, I’m full of self-doubt about being able to do anything with it once I hit that milestone, but getting there will be an achievement in itself.

And that’s all I really want to say about any of this, because talking about something you have written feels much more meaningful than talking about something you will.

Nonetheless: worth mentioning that I’m still at it.

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