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Blogging is kinda social

Chris Coyier on blogging:

You know what the one big valid criticism is of all this “write on your own site, not on walled social media sites” is? It’s boring. It’s not very social feeling. You’re “talking into the void,” as someone recently put it to me.

I have to (slightly) disagree! Although writing a blog post has a very blank page syndrome feeling to begin with (I’m typing this in iA Writer right now, so my screen is literally blank), it’s rare that I don’t get replies, whether via webmention, email,, Mastodon, or another medium. I love it.

Could there be more community? Absolutely. But this is a medium that every single person who takes part gets to evolve. That’s one of the things I find exciting about it: it’s ours. All of ours. And we can make it our own.

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