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Driving up to see my dad for Father's Day, and feeling lucky that (1) I can do this, (2) he's my dad.


"Why not make purpose the competitive advantage?" I know many startups that agree. Great piece from Ted Rheingold:


Hmm. Someone just emailed me enquiring about buying from me. Not quite sure how to price this.


If you've been wondering what I've been doing for the last five months - what all those late nights and early mornings were about - this explains everything. I'm so lucky to work with these amazing individuals, and incredible ventures.

Introducing Matter Seven. I could not be prouder to support them.


Daal is catastrophically undervalued in this country.


TFW you've kept up one particularly big, heavy ball, and you glance around to see lots of smaller balls strewn around you. Gathering up.


I guess Apple does care after all. "Podcasters don't get analytics" is finally answered in its next podcasting app:


Nigeria has the world's second largest film industry (Hollywood is third). This remake of Purple Rain looks amazing.


France is giving climate change researchers up to €1.5M to relocate and work in a more supportive environment.


I can't believe I get to work with the people I do. I'm so in awe with everyone, and could not be more happy.