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In a world where white supremacy and religious fundamentalism are emboldened by our leadership,
Where corporations build platforms that serve as backdoors for democracy,
Where financial growth is valued over ethics and humanity,
Where people of color are being murdered in the streets by those sworn to protect us,
Where we still don’t believe women,
Where we continue to abuse and pillage other societies for resources and political gain,
Where we bomb people in far off countries using robots for talking to the wrong people on the phone,
Where people spend their lives protecting oil companies instead of ecosystems,
Where the civilization anchored in information we thought we were building has turned out to be a hall of mirrors,
Where oppression itself is enabled by technology,
Where the actions we take and the principles we stand for are the most important things of all,

How can I be the most effective?


A reminder that tax increases can actually be great, if they lead to better infrastructure and a higher quality of life overall.


Super-cool! We survive as a community.


More than a technology, a platform or a marketplace, the web is a movement. A place free of corporate control, for all voices. Even now.


The growth team at Twitter knew about, and refused to take action on, fake Russian accounts.


Someone told me the other day that it’s very rare to have an open source / data person be an investor. That’s sorta true. Make use of me.


There’s no substitute for having the primary copy of your work being in a space you control (and, ideally, own.)


People are so much more interesting than technology. It’s about how we can give them superpowers, not about device fetishism or consumerism.


"You see, the web wasn't meant to be a gated community. It's actually pretty simple."


"If you feel you are being watched, you change your behavior. Big data is supercharging this effect."


iOS 11 is a complete shitshow. It’s a good thing nobody pays insane amounts of money for the devices now immobilized by it.


Well, this is pretty terrible on all kinds of levels. Democracy deserves more.


My sister is infinitely cooler than I will ever be. I really like this new song.


Counterintuitively, liberty needs structure to thrive. If a small group of people have resources and choose the rules, the rest aren’t free.


OMG, Signal for desktop is out for Mac, Linux, and Windows. This is huge. I use Signal all day.


I want to see more augmented reality applications for . Which communities should I be speaking to?


The people who value you for you, not what you can do or because they squeeze you into a predefined idea, are the relationships to nurture.


And now for something completely different: I was interviewed about my plans for .


I’m heartened by people like Joi Ito who are able to carefully evaluate technology in its societal context. A must read.


‪I haven’t seen any team applications yet. But there’s still time. ‬


Rediscovering this ten year old video made me laugh a lot this morning.


I’m very pro public transport, and anti bullshit like Chariot. This is good news. Let’s invest for the good of all.


If it turns out post-war liberal democracy was finally undone by the internet, we’re all going to feel a little bit foolish.


This is an amazing story. Be sure to read through to the very end. Online mattresses are a cutthroat business: