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Counterintuitively, liberty needs structure to thrive. If a small group of people have resources and choose the rules, the rest aren’t free.


OMG, Signal for desktop is out for Mac, Linux, and Windows. This is huge. I use Signal all day.


I want to see more augmented reality applications for . Which communities should I be speaking to?


The people who value you for you, not what you can do or because they squeeze you into a predefined idea, are the relationships to nurture.


And now for something completely different: I was interviewed about my plans for .


I’m heartened by people like Joi Ito who are able to carefully evaluate technology in its societal context. A must read.


‪I haven’t seen any team applications yet. But there’s still time. ‬


Rediscovering this ten year old video made me laugh a lot this morning.


I’m very pro public transport, and anti bullshit like Chariot. This is good news. Let’s invest for the good of all.


If it turns out post-war liberal democracy was finally undone by the internet, we’re all going to feel a little bit foolish.


This is an amazing story. Be sure to read through to the very end. Online mattresses are a cutthroat business:


Media companies should own their websites + audience relationships. , I want to see your applications.


Tear down the new institutions. They're just like the old ones.


This is the 21st century protest music we need.