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Humanist technologist. Equality and adventures.

I co-founded Elgg and Known, worked on Medium, and now invest in innovative media startups to support a stronger democracy at Matter.


Flying to PDX tonight for IndieWeb Summit 2017. Looking forward to meeting folks and discussing an independent web.


I suspect I think more than most people about end of life planning. Life Folder is making it easier:


Journalists work long hours and have a poor work / life balance. All jobs should let people have lives.


New Media Ventures has become such an important force for good. Delighted to have met many of these startups.


If you need technical leadership mentoring, Jean Hsu has you covered.


Ferdinand the Bull is a pacifist classic that was praised by Gandhi and banned by both Franco and Hitler. It was one of my favorites as a child, will be one of the first books I read to my hypothetical children, and it deserves a much, much, much better movie than this looks like it will be.


Such a smart analysis of the Amazon / Whole Foods deal.


"Imagine my horror at discovering that the United States is more calcified by class than Britain." So much yes:


I found this interview with the founder of Five Guys to be really touching. Nice Father's Day listening.!fd7131e9b24685d84d09aabbae8a73f08283932e