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I so badly want this to exist. Join me?


Looking for a technical cofounder? Here's how I think you could go about it.


The Post sounds like a solidly good movie. Brave of this reporter to break the press embargo.


The Daily continues to be excellent. The US has set aside $5M for payments to civilian casualties in the war against the Islamic State - so why has nobody been paid?!7532ed751d08f20dc38f99f403e0474a76f3887d


“We’ll unsubscribe you from our mailing list within ten business days” should be illegal. There’s zero reason to not do it right now, except that you want to keep spamming me.


Dirty tricks are in play in the Roy Moore story. This is yet another example of why real journalism is so important.


Good interview with Reid Hoffman. I hadn’t considered the DMCA angle on hate speech, but he’s absolutely right.!c93a8517552cba9508ee5...


Oh boy, Lady Bird. I just openly wept (in between laughter) all the way through that movie. Go see.



The amazing people I get to have in my life
The opportunities to do amazing things that I’ve improbably been given
People who don’t hide their politics, and fight and shout and act for social justice
All the beauty in this world, which belongs to all of us.


Things I’ve read about the UK this morning:

It’s about to have the greatest fall in living standards in 60 years

MPs voted that animals can’t feel pain

Scottish cities are losing their ability to receive European cultural designations

What’s going on over there? (Rhetorical.)


In 2017, we apparently call keyloggers "user research".


I believe in web principles as a symbol of freedom online (although the web as a technology needs to continue to evolve and change). Gatekeepers should not be the future.


I appreciate this distinction - and I just added a new word to my vocabulary.


I hereby give each and every one of you permission, should I ever start another consumer open source startup, to slap me in the face.


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Hearken has shown that treating your community as coreporters is highly valuable both for newsrooms and readers. Social media has given everyone a voice. What if you redesigned content management to take that into account from the ground up? Not a CMS; not a forum. Something new.


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Comments are horrible as a community platform. Slack as a side community has worked fairly well for sites like The Information. But I bet something much better is possible, that allows publishers to really leverage their community and gives readers more value.


Thinking about: how can the transition from a one-directional content publishing business to a bidirectional membership community with network effects be made easier? Or is there another route to long-term growth / sustainability for companies creating great, focused journalism?


Playing with Known this morning, because, hey.


Purple is thinking about starting an SMS notification service for the Mueller investigation. Would you use this? (I would.)


If the tech industry can’t collect data responsibly and be good stewards of user privacy, government may step in.


We've been releasing Matter Seven's Demo Day stories every day on the podcast. Don't miss The Establishment:


Interesting statement from Sean Parker. This is going to become a bigger and bigger issue.


"We're not just designing software anymore, we're designing minds."


If you have an election in your area today, please vote. The world needs you.


‪“Building something amazing by introspectively using my skills & creativity in a psychologically safe and sustainable way!” > “Crushing it!”‬


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I 100% agree with the idea that vast wealth - being rich - should be socially unacceptable.


The last thing any of us should care about is making rich people feel comfortable with their wealth.