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Working at the intersection of technology, media, and democracy. He / him.





Checked into GoDaddy SF

Here for Homebrew Website Club!






Checked into The Starry Plough

You should be here too.


Checked into

Watching different teams pitch!


Checked into Cafe Citti

Food looks great. Missing a trick by not having a place to eat outside though.



Checked into RockIT CoLabs

Hanging out at our old office today. Still the best coworking space in the FiDi / Chinatown areas.


Checked into Outerlands

Clam stew while I shelter from the game aftermath.



Checked into

I've said this before, but today's our last full day in the office. Onwards!


Checked into SFO

Picking up. Why, what are *you* doing this Saturday night?


Checked into Mozilla SF

Homebrew Website Club time. First one of 2015.


Checked into The Social Study

Rounding out Sunday with a cocktail.


Checked into Brickhouse Cafe and Bar

A late birthday dinner.


Checked into IKEA

Lunchtime on a Saturday. What could go wrong?


Checked into Prayerbook Cross

Walking to the water. That's quite a big cross.


Checked into The Regent

Best pub in Edinburgh.


Checked into The Jam Factory

It's been a while. Sadly, they don't actually make jam here.


Checked into Turl St Kitchen

I sincerely wish this existed when I actually lived in Oxford.



Checked into Firehouse Art Collective

Hannah's playing this afternoon. Come on down!


Checked into The French Press

Pretty awesome coffee in Santa Barbara.