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Engineer, startup founder, investor, and writer






How can I be useful to you?


AI-based copywriting platforms can never replace human writers. Tell me why I'm wrong.


So, uh, episode six, eh?


Pretty subtle critique of capitalism you’ve got there, Squid Game.


Who are the most successful publicly very left-aligned (i.e., not just liberal) people in the tech industry?


"Undo send" doesn't always save my neck, but when it does, it really does.


The currency of productivity is focus.


I still can’t believe Nick Clegg is a Facebook exec. It’s almost - almost! - as if the man has no shame and can be bought by any cause.


Drinking wine and watching Bill and Ted Face the Music with my dad. No judgment plz.


Once again I’ve cooked more food than three people can reasonably eat. Woe is me.