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Every single time I’m in Portland - including just overnight, like right now - I don’t want to leave. There might be a solution for this.

I wish I had more time to see people!


Now I’ve got a functional laptop again, I’m finding myself using my iPad as more like an ereader (and artboard, which is why I originally got it). I always start my day with my feeds, but I’m starting to get into (non-Amazon) ebooks, too.


The amount of administration you have to deal with when a loved one dies is mind-blowing. You know what people who have had their worlds torn apart and are barely functioning really need? Lots of paperwork.


Which are the best residential neighborhoods in PDX?


I wish I could set my non-important mail to auto-archive after, say, two weeks or a month. Almost feel like doing this as a programming side project.


My dad and sister hung the Progress Flag for the Fourth of July, and I couldn't be more proud.


Has anyone received their ClockworkPi DevTerm yet?


I’ve somehow, against all odds, become the kind of person who forgets to eat.


Thinking about installing Ubuntu as the primary operating system on my 2016 Intel MacBook Pro. I've seen the instructions, but have you done it? Any recommendations?


That thing where my work computer's battery won't take a charge and is threatening to explode. To the genius bar with ye …