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First run in a few weeks. Feels both horrendous and excellent.


Guilty. Rightly so.

But I want to see justice for all victims of the police.


Received an extraordinarily shady email asking me to vote to remove my name from the letter calling for the removal of RMS from the FSF board.

No chance.

RMS needs to be removed, and the open letter was good and proper.


"[Amazon's] decisive victory deals a crushing blow to organized labor, which had hoped the time was ripe to start making inroads." Disappointing:


Good to be reminded of the one situation where I can accurately be described as a Republican.

Also, that I need to catch up with The Crown.


Turning off syndication to Twitter, at least for today. If you're reading this, it's via my indieweb feed on my Known site, or on


I bought an ebook from Gumroad yesterday after seeing a recommendation on Twitter.

It was garbage. Short and written badly. I would have been embarrassed to publish it and charge what the author did.

Who’s doing this *well*? Which indie ebooks are high quality?


Every media organization needs to own its own website, distribution, and revenue model.

Every independent journalist needs to own their own website, distribution, and revenue model.

Use the platforms - but do it on your terms.

Don't let them own you.


I really want a laptop with a working keyboard. It's getting nuts. Should I:

1. Wait for the new M1 MBPs later this year
2. Get an existing M1 Mac
3. Go back to Windows with a Surface / Lenovo
4. Get a rugged Linux laptop with great battery life
5. Something else?


I get people asking to place articles on my blog for money all the time. I always ignore because I figure they're automated messages. But what if I said "yes"? What would it take for a public blog to support a modest full-time income?