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Advice for younger engineers, or anyone joining a company: if they don’t care about DEI, or try and throw you some “we’re all diverse” bullshit, they’re not worth working for.


Very American thing I've started noticing for the first time: people doing remote meetings WHILE THEY HAVE COVID. Go rest! Sleep! Get better! Take care of yourselves!


It's going to be a losing battle, but I'm absolutely determined to not get covid.


Catching up with friends is A+ good.


I don’t know who needs to hear this, but just because every single thing in your life is not going well or to plan right now, it doesn’t mean you’re defective or a bad person.

(It’s me. Hi. I need to hear this.)


I'm increasingly convinced that an iterated form of true co-operatives will be a huge part of the future. Lots of good work on this has been done already - and there will need to be more. A world where we share equity while building the future is possible.


All these guys saying “Bitcoin fixes this”: you’re thinking of coffee. Coffee fixes this.


How on earth do people have time to join Discords?


Patreon but for activists.


Pint of tea
Pint of tea
Makes me the best that I can be

Pint of tea
Pint of tea
Also makes me all bloaty