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A reminder that you don’t become the richest person on the planet by being stupid, but also not by being ethical or kind.


Contrarian opinion: market corrections that take the worst of the greed and self-centeredness out of tech are a really good thing.


I've taken to listening to BBC Radio 2 in my car via TuneIn, and I'm noticing how alien (and sometimes funny) the idioms and place names are for me now. All that used to be home, and now it's a universe away.


Copying a startup's playbook isn't going to make you the next Google.
A magical multi-part story for kids isn't going to be the next Harry Potter.
A multi-character, multi-platform strategy won't be the next MCU.

Do your own thing. Build what's right for you and your creation.


Freedom from centralization does not, and should not, mean freedom from legislation.


Accidentally booked a trip that runs over the one year anniversary of Ma's death. Which feels like progress in a way? To do that accidentally? It was sad to realize I'd done it, but also, I think she'd be happy that we're getting on with it.


If a project is only welcoming to a narrow demographic of people, it is not open.


Democracy means the right to vote, and easy access to voting, for all. It also requires a strong education system and a robust free press. Miss any of those things and it’s little more than a performance.


Me? I'm with democracy.


Today is a lot. You are valuable; take care of yourself. Give yourself the space you need to breathe. You are not alone.

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