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Every job will be automated until only five remain: a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.


Someone broke into my car and stole a bunch of my stuff, including my laptop, so I feel both pretty stupid and kind of annoyed right now.


Just squeaking around on these floors like Epikhodov


I deliberately have some conservative / libertarian sources in my feeds, and I swear to god you could probably measure my blood pressure rising every time I read them.


I want an Apple launch event but for things that will actually improve your life.

“One more thing: you can afford to be a homeowner now!”
“It’s a magical device at an unbelievable price that will cure your anxiety.”
“It’s the best inclusive democratic society we’ve ever built.”


The politics of the future are kind, inclusive, and equitable.


The attempted recall was another illustration of how bone-headed and backwards-facing the modern GOP platform is. The fading remnants of the worst parts of the 20th century continue to fade into nothingness. What a waste of time and money.


Reflecting that I’ve turned 180 degrees from my youthful “all content should be free” to “independent creators should be paid for their work”. I don’t think my younger stance was ever really legit for people with money - but taping / piracy is an important part of culture.


I need to find a way to access a service where:

1) the user / pw are essentially stored in escrow
2) two specific people need to be simultaneous authed to a second service to be able to use the credentials
3) both people can then see the same authenticated screen

Any ideas?


Alright, you guys, I'm selling access to my social media identity.

For $5 you can send a message to me assuming I'm generically male.

For $10 you can sell me something I'm interested in.

For $20 I'll briefly recognize your brand.

For $40 you can use me to instigate a coup.