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Working at the intersection of technology, media, and democracy. He / him.


I apparently invented a phantom in Edinburgh. So maybe I should organize one.


@nayafia If you can, you should also check out :


Mince pie filling: achieved.



Sadness all round as it emerges that @Mozilla's wifi blocks @erinjo's personal website.


Tempting to just sit and make mince pies today.


Always really inspiring to see what people are doing on their own sites at . From static HTML to frameworks with mobile apps.



@kid_oyo An DC would be cool ...


@erinroseglass @nathanairplane @HongPong We're building open software for education. Also check out @ReclaimHosting and .


Edinburgh: I highly recommend . Great ideas, great people. You should go:


Really wish I was back in the 'burgh for this weekend. I hear there's some kind of arts event at this time of year, too?


@gominokouhai No LJ / DW linking yet but that's interesting. Lots of others. Go to Edinburgh this weekend! @johnnieingram


Replied to a post on :

After autonomous social web AI bots? We hire robots to blog for us. Humanity collectively goes down the pub, a job well done.


The next step after SWAT0 is letting each piece be interchangeable. After that? Any piece can be a robot AI. Get on it, !


I'm proud of for passing the Social Web Acid Test with 3 website platforms this weekend.


If you're missing , people are demoing their projects on the stream right now:


I'm jealous of my friends at: 1) 2)


If you care about owning your own space on the Internet, is the event for you. It's free:


Open question: how should platform developers be most fairly compensated for what they build?