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Working at the intersection of technology, media, and democracy. He / him.


I’m part of a team that invests in startups changing media for good. Ask me anything.




This piece seems to be attracting a lot of attention again. What *is* Silicon Valley? How does it work?


If you're interested in Silicon Valley, or critical of it, you should know how it works. I wrote a primer:


What is Silicon Valley, exactly? How does it work? And why is there so much money? An explainer:


An open listicle to startup founders: here are some ideas to avoid.


Casual intelligence has the potential to change how we build software: AI for apps.




Interested in media startups? Don't miss @mattervc's live AMA one hour from now:


In New York? Want to change media for good? Go meet @mattervc for some drinks.


So much activity. I'm learning from the team at @MettaVR, who you should follow too: @CeciMetropolis @JacobTref @guisabran


Great post by Erin about how she designs product sprints for success.



Re-sharing: my thoughts on "market source" as an evolution of open source for business.


Have you raised funding for a startup with an end-user product with an open source core? I'd really love to have a chat.


Replied to a post on :

Doing user research, paper prototyping, financial modeling, application design and development, sales, marketing, PR, lunch runs.


My episode Shoplifers and Thieves showed up in a post today. On revisiting, I'm really proud of it:


Finding that I'm occasionally having more trouble breathing lately.