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February, 2023

I moved to Philadelphia

So, I live in Philly now. Or to be more specific, Elkins Park, which is an area in Cheltenham Township, just on the other side of Philadelphia’s northern border. If you’ve read Ann Patchett’s The Dutch House, you’re already familiar. I know comparatively little about the area, although I’ve had family in ...
February 28, 2023

I need to do a better job of explaining what I mean

I’m grateful to have received feedback, from multiple people in multiple places, that some of my writing is hard to understand. My working life is so saturated with jargon that I often forget to stop and define terms - so, for example, while I know what I mean by “human-centered ...
February 9, 2023

Follow this site on the fediverse

You can now subscribe to my website on Mastodon / the fediverse by plugging into your search bar and hitting “follow”. It was really easy. Here’s how I did it: I signed up to Bridgy Fed Made sure my website produces an h-card that describes it well (Known does this out of ...
February 4, 2023

Resetting professional goals

I’ve been spending some time looking carefully at my professional goals. A few years ago, I open sourced the mission / vision / tactical worksheet I’d been using, which was inspired by high-level organizational strategy. First, it invites you to consider your “mission”: This is your north star. For example, a possible ...
February 4, 2023

Reading, watching, playing, using: January 2023

This is my monthly roundup of the books, articles, and streaming media I found interesting. Here's my list for January, 2023. Apps + Websites Permission Slip. “It’s no secret that a huge number of companies are collecting, buying and selling data about us. Find out what information they collect, and take action ...
February 1, 2023