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June, 2023

Humanely raising a child in America

Organizing childcare as relative newcomers to an area has been really hard. We weren’t on any daycare waiting lists before our baby was born; we don’t have the local connections that can help you figure out how to separate the good facilities from bad. Erin’s back to work, and I’ve been ...
June 26, 2023

Be The 19th's next CTO

There's still time to apply to be The 19th's next Chief Technology Officer. If the idea of working with a women-run, highly diverse, non-profit newsroom reporting at the intersection of gender, politics, and policy sounds good to you (it's a truly GREAT team), go check out the job description and ...
June 21, 2023

Decentralization isn't enough. It's about people.

I posted a link the other day to this sobering essay about how the promised migration to Mastodon didn’t go as hoped. It makes some assumptions about what people were hoping for in the first place, but if you were (as I was) hoping that this would be a moment ...
June 16, 2023

Web 2.0 may finally be democratized

If you take investment to build your product, you will one day need to find a way to repay those investors. That might be a risk that you need to take because you otherwise wouldn't be able to build the thing you want to. But it's a key part of ...
June 14, 2023

My first startup

How I built my first startup by accident ...
June 12, 2023

When deepfakes are everywhere

I’m soliciting prompts for discussion. This piece is a part of that series.   Ryan Barrett asks: It seems like the last 200 years or so - when we could use recorded media, photographs, audio, videos, as evidence or proof of anything - may have been a brief, glorious aberration, a detour in ...
June 8, 2023

The baby stack at 9 months

Here's what we use to care for our 9 month old baby. ...
June 5, 2023

The notable list: June 2023

Interesting websites, articles, books, and media from the last month. ...
June 1, 2023