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Trying to build technology in service of a more equal world.






There’s no substitute for having the primary copy of your work being in a space you control (and, ideally, own.)


‪I haven’t seen any team applications yet. But there’s still time. ‬


Media companies should own their websites + audience relationships. , I want to see your applications.


If they're capturing social media handles on popular, large sites, there seems like an obvious workaround. being held up as an example of a great personal website. It's beautiful. Inspiringly organic.


This cat posts what she eats on her very own website.


This is a big list of decentralized web technology. I wish Urbit wasn't listed, but otherwise: cool!


Super-fun to see a Known to Mastodon integration demoed at Summit. Really proud of this open source community.


Not quite true that some content types won't work on @Medium. Embedmaker lets you embed your own site:


Four years ago, I came to this event to demo something called Idno.

Four years later, Known is such a great community. I'm really proud to be back.

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