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Extremely cool. Here's the entire social graph of independent websites as queryable data.


What's out there? @schnarfed built a web crawler in 15 lines of code and found 706K social connections between independent sites.


New to me: Common Crawl does a regular public crawl of the web and makes the data available to everyone.


Worth saying: if you're helping people own their own content and monetize on their own terms, we should talk.


"There isn't a good funnel I can push people into." @anomalily making a very good case for much easier, friendlier resources.


An aside: I've stopped displaying webmentions publicly on my site at Facebook friends were complaining. is an awesome way to take silo comments (on Facebook and Twitter, etc) and host them on your site so you have them.


WordPress is still the most customizable way for non-developers to host their own websites.


"I want to monetize *my* way [...] So, how does someone who's not a developer take her shit back from Facebook?" @anomalily


"I want to document that I made it." @anomalily wants to host her own work, and attach to her identity, so she can show it's hers.


Says @anomalily: "I am not a developer". But she's been building and hosting her own website, on her terms, for 20 years.


Webmention, micropub and websub are huge, and simple to integrate, ingredients for adding social functionality to the web itself.


Websub, the publish/subscribe protocol formerly known as pubsubhubbub, is a W3C candidate recommendation.


Micropub, a lightweight, standard API for publishing to any website, is also now a W3C recommendation.


Webmention, a lightweight spec for social interactions across websites, is now a W3C recommendation.


Controlling your own identity online goes hand in hand with building a more respectful internet.


Make your site for you, on your terms
Human experience before tech
Easy-to-use building blocks
A plurality of projects


Aaron posts discussions, activity tracking, events and quantified self data on his own site at


If you've got a problem, yo, I'll solve it; check out the code while our organizers resolve it.


If only there was a way to share portions of the audio newsletter ... cc @jimpick


At Summit 2017 here in Portland. So many amazing people - but very much missing @kevinmarks and @kylewmahan.


Desirability: will the dog eat the dogfood?
Viability: will the dog hunt?
Feasibility: can we build the dog?
Selfdogfood: the dog is you.