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Human experience before tech
Easy-to-use building blocks
A plurality of projects


Aaron posts discussions, activity tracking, events and quantified self data on his own site at


If you've got a problem, yo, I'll solve it; check out the code while our organizers resolve it.


If only there was a way to share portions of the audio newsletter ... cc @jimpick


At Summit 2017 here in Portland. So many amazing people - but very much missing @kevinmarks and @kylewmahan.


Desirability: will the dog eat the dogfood?
Viability: will the dog hunt?
Feasibility: can we build the dog?
Selfdogfood: the dog is you.


Micropub is a lightweight, universal API for publishing to the web (created by ). Now a W3C recommendation!


I'm going to the Summit in Portland next month. If you care about an independent web, you should too.


I'm hosting Homebrew Website Club at @mattervc SF tomorrow. Join us at 6:30 for demos & talk about a stronger independent web.


I'm at Homebrew Website Club!


Homebrew Website Club SF is at Matter tonight. 6:30pm; optional writing hour at 5:30pm. Come join us!


I missed this: Snowden advocated federation as an antidote to filter bubbles.


"You could, at this time, make a solid argument that AMP is the future of the web."


This completely nails it. (And I think I'll subscribe to The Information now.)


@timweston Summit is every year, but there are lots more events throughout the year:


I apparently invented a phantom in Edinburgh. So maybe I should organize one.


As of today, has 3000+ users, over 500,000 webmentions sent, and it costs 1 cent per user per month to run.


William *please* use Google's accessibility screener to improve your Android apps.