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My personal websites - June 2022

Like every web nerd, I’ve got a bunch of domain names (even though I’ve worked hard to reduce their number). I thought it would be fun to enumerate them.

Live The home of my blog since 2013. My old domain name,, also points here. My personal wiki, powered by Obsidian. I update it from time to time: I find it a useful way to record non-linear, non-blog-like thoughts and opinions. My developer domain. I intend to turn this into a real site, but for now it just points to my GitHub profile My work domain. I will turn this into a portfolio, but just like my developer domain, for now it just redirects - in this case, to my LinkedIn profile. I bought this domain for use with temporary, fun projects. Right now it hosts a work-in-progress text adventure based on my dreams, written in Inform 7. Almost every dream I have is based in a consistent universe with interconnected locations - so I made them into an interactive world. I add to this from time to time. Registered and built on a whim during a W3C meeting, this is the enterprise software stack of your dreams. A work-in-progress site for the house we’re selling. Once we’ve got professional photographs and the house is on the market, I’ll bring the site to life and do a lot more linking to it.

On the bench I think I bought this to host reviews. I think mostly I couldn’t resist the pun? For future family use. I’ve owned this domain name for nearly 25 years. It made more sense when I was 19. But there’s no way I’m letting go of it now. For a future blog that I never had the time to put together. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a space that talks about humanist tech projects? Years ago I helped run an event about the future of publishing. I bought this to coincide with that. Maybe I should do something with it?

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