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Wheels down in New York. Last time I was here, I unveiled a new kind of social publishing platform at the Paley Center, with Matter Three.


Hearing people refer to yesterday as the "women's riot". No. It was peaceful, joyful, positive. We sang and chanted.


✈️ . Bring it.

(And by "it" I mean coffee.)


Flying to New York this morning. My bedroom windows are rattling because of the wind and rain. Hmm.


Do we know how many people protested in total? I've heard 500K in DC, 150K in Chicago, 125K in Boston, 50K in Oakland alone. Can't verify.


Everyone on BART seems to be going to the march. I love people. An elderly woman is passing out purple ribbons.


From tiny towns in Alaska through cities like San Francisco & all the way to Washington DC, America is marching today. This is democracy. 👍


Starting a new adventure next week. I can't wait to tell you about it - but I'm also sad to say goodbye to an amazing group of people.


My sister has built a gallery of art that can be printed and used at protests.