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I'm explicitly going out of my way to source engineers as inclusively as possible, to try and build a team that is representative of the people they build software to support. I'm really glad to have support in doing that. It's shocking how many people think it's not important.


One day I want to do a reverse Slack and start building an enterprise SaaS tool but end up with a really rad massively multiplayer game universe.


I’d love to verify my vaccine status on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It would be great to give people the confidence that I care about not giving them a life-threatening disease. Is anyone working on anything like this?


Somewhat regretting my decision this morning to recommend that the entire upper management team at my company watch popular UK sitcom Peep Show

This is why it's important to have your coffee BEFORE the meeting starts


Does anyone have great suggestions for experiential holiday gifts?

(Not objects and not digital objects, but things that you can experience and ideally remember forever.)


Six months out, I’m still only a real person in emulation. I have flashbacks; I feel unbelievable guilt; I hurt in all kinds of ways. Carrying on as if that isn’t true requires real effort on my part; an emotional burden in itself. Unfortunately, I know I’m not alone.


Very few mishearings have disappointed me like learning that the chorus to The Weight actually starts: “take a load off Fanny”.


One of the most important questions turns out to be: what is the future you want to build?

Is it one where everyone has equal access to knowledge and opportunities? Where everyone can have a good life regardless of background?

Or is it something else?


Dissolving a company turns out to be the hardest problem in computer science.


If you haven't yet, for whatever reason: please get vaccinated. It really matters.