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Engineer, startup founder, investor, and writer






I love hearing more and more electric vehicles on the streets. I wish they were buses and trams, but still.


Constantly hungry for constructive criticism, and particularly hungry for guidance during this moment of my life. What could I be doing better? But asking for this is an imposition and puts people in a really uncomfortable position. Doing my best.


I’m curious how many investors use the Peter Thiel Roth loophole to invest - and how many are scrambling now it looks like it might be going away?


You’ll know if something is really democratizing finance if it works as or more beneficially for people with low balances. What’s the threshold at which the gains outweigh the fees (including gas)?


There are Gen Z venture capitalists, and I am as old as dust.


It's actually really cool that I can be set up and have new devices restored from backups and working just like my old (stolen) ones in a couple of hours.


Set up new work computer: in progress, but check.

Made booking to get new car window installed: check.

Ordered new personal computer: check.

Ordered new emergency prescription: check.

Canceled checkbook: ...done.

Call insurance: wish me luck.


Every job will be automated until only five remain: a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal.


Someone broke into my car and stole a bunch of my stuff, including my laptop, so I feel both pretty stupid and kind of annoyed right now.


Just squeaking around on these floors like Epikhodov