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Engineer, startup founder, investor, and writer






Realizing that my superpower is writing, and my un-superpower is showing up well in the moment in meetings, I need to spend more time reflecting and writing my thoughts down about how to progress.


What decisions would you make differently if you thought we were in the foothills of the pandemic - with the worst still to come, maybe for decades?


Who is the best wartime engineering lead of a small to medium sized startup you know?


Prime Minister mishandles deadly pandemic, resulting in the excess death of many thousands: basically crickets

Prime Minister breaks a rule about having parties: absolute armageddon

Whatever it takes for him to go, I guess


It's been years since I last visited my hometown. I wonder what's changed? Last time I visited London (not my hometown, but kind of down the road) I was surprised by lots of new buildings that made it look like a science fiction version of itself. Time is weird.


I've asked elsewhere but I'll ask here too: if you've used an outsourced IT firm (to help with provisioning, onboarding, offboarding, and IT support), who did you pick? Would you recommend them? Thanks!


I’m not saying coffee is my whole personality in a fun way; I’m saying it in a cordyceps way.


Having a nice cup of tea in the sky like I'm some kind of Beatle or something.


Tired: trying to free the sum total of human knowledge and amplify diverse voices in the service of peace and understanding

Wired: making money without all those pesky regulations


Whether it’s accepted by the political center yet or not, the “squad” is likely the future of American politics. I’m absolutely in their corner, and cannot wait.