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I guess this is an okay spot to hang out.


A two-cafetiere morning. . . . coffee #coffeelove #coffeemorning #coffeelovers #frenchpress #breakfast #caffeine #caffiends #caffeinefix #hashtagexplosion #thisisreallyjusttagspam #butidolovecoffee


America adds ludicrous amounts of added sugar to bread. And salad. And everything. And now we'll know:




Sad thing: moving far, far, far away from friendships you've built up over decades.

Happy thing: when they come to visit. Yaaaaay!


Inflation gets us all.


I kind of want to be in a Northern Californian Billy Bragg cover band.


The last few months have been humbling for me. I've met some incredible people and done my best to try and keep up with them. At the end of a tough week, it's lovely to remember we're all in such a beautiful place. Couldn't ask for more.


If you haven't read Jon Ralston's story about his son, it's lovely.