Happiness, thy name is lemon ricotta baked pancake @ Shed, Healdsburg.


@rallyvc Thank you! Emailing Charles now. I'd very much like to learn more about your firm.


@npdoty Thanks for the typo spot!


Self-hosted Known 0.7 has left the building. Here's who I chose to name it after: http://stream.withknown.com/2015/announcing-known-07-named-for-miriam-makeba


@rsingel Email twice, password twice, now please fill out this form in triplicate


Optimizing for impact. Disrupting innovation. Reticulating splines.


I still don't understand why people are afraid of socialized medicine. It's way better. http://uk.businessinsider.com/an-american-uses-britain-nhs-2015-1


The last major Known release was named for Katherine Dunham. http://stream.withknown.com/2014/announcing-our-first-beta-release---known-06---named-1 Excited to announce 0.7's namesake.




Another example of why metadata is important: researchers can tell what you bought from your Instagram feed. http://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/data-scientists-can-link-your-instagrams-to-your-credit-card-purchases/


Nine hours of sleep is the best way to start a Friday.


What a week! Everyone who bought the Known Pro presale has it now. Tomorrow, we launch the next version of self-hosted Known.


@mattl *Really* soon. And thank you again!


@jaideneverett By design, self-hosters get it all. You're totally welcome to do that, obviously! New self-hosted version out Fri. :) @mattl


@mattl Hi! There's no public issue tracker for the site, because it's not open source. Email us? hello@withknown.com - and thanks!