@svenedge I really really really cannot wait. This will mean a lot for the Internet.


Haircut selfie. #narcissism


Wondering if I should finally ask my landlady if I can repaint.




The pebbles forgive me / The trees forgive me / So why can't you forgive me? / I don't see what anyone can see / in anyone else but you


Walked up to the Rose Garden.


@fj Oh god was that a plausible tweet what have I become


I spent the morning catching up with my artsy, atheist, socialist-leaning friends. It was good. Here's my corresponding thinkpiece on Medium


I miss my artsy, atheist, socialist-leaning, non-goal-orientated friends. Spending the morning catching up was the best thing. Come visit.


Crypto & web folks: how can you make the cert request and installation process one-click? That's the single biggest change you can make.


@icco Kind of sad. I liked the "who wants a pint?" broadcast message.


Did Swarm remove the "plans / who wants to join" feature? That was the best thing about it.


My dearest wish is to spend more of my time hanging out at the pub with friends. You can help me achieve this wish. Yes you.


.@UKinNepal Friends stranded in Patan after the earthquake. Do you have a statement / advice / are you able to help?