Shit. Bought iron for formal clothes for the wedding; added water and plugged it in; it immediately caught on fire. Craftsmanship.


No RT @edsurge Did the #LMS Become Cool Again in 2014?


Finding ROI In Higher Education, by @fredwilson. We'll bring the platform.


@tef That is a brilliant comic that I wish I'd seen a long time ago.


I've been reminded that in the UK (where I am now) pubs are meeting spots: outboard living rooms where everyone can gather and chat. Portland feels a bit like that too, so it makes sense. What that really says is, you hung out with friends 86 weeks in a row. That's awesome!


@dailyinfooxford Tell the truth: is he on a pub crawl?


David and Maria

My oldest friend in the world, and his fantastic wife. Two people I am so glad to have in my life.

(And playing board games for a few hours last night at Thirsty Meeples was so much fun!)



Well, here I am: the final day. And what better way to spend it than at the wedding of one of my oldest and most beloved friends?


I've walked 5-10 miles every day I've been here, and it feels so good.


@ihatemornings Great to see you, albeit briefly :)


Taking pictures of the important sights.

An important part of my childhood, and also my childhood weight.



Edinburgh, Adam Smith

I forgot to upload this last week: a slushy view up the Royal Mile.


This could only have been written by someone who has never left the US. I'd rather see the world, thanks.


@tef Be well, tef. Hugs from afar.