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Dar Williams playing 10 minutes from my apartment is good news in my book. Any takers?




A society that doesn't protect women and minorities is not free in any real way.




Fire in the distance over Walnut Creek


California is much less green.


Still not used to living in a country so big that I have jet lag from traveling from the other side of it.


Boarding today's flight 2 of 2 and already ready to be boarding my bed.


Airport beer. Mr Adams was a brewer and a patriot.


I've cultivated a beard / failed to shave while I've been here. The question now is: do I keep it? #selfie #beard #huglife #summer #shrug


Swam in the bay with people I've known my whole life, and showered in rainbows. I guess I'm ready to rejoin the real world now.


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Do you want to sell subscriptions to premium content on your website? (A podcast? Maybe analysis?) I'd love to talk to you.


The entire web is about to turn towards subscriptions (think about iOS ad blocking). YouTube is just one: