Hello! I'm Ben Werdmüller, a web product manager, platform architect and developer. Right now I'm CTO at latakoo, an enterprise video startup; previously, I co-founded Elgg.

I'm working on idno, a new kind of open source social networking platform (which powers this site).

I'm based in San Francisco and Santa Rosa, California. My email is hosted by Google, I keep documents on Dropbox, and my server is hosted in Dallas, Texas, on SoftLayer. My phone number is powered by Google Voice.













I didn't know this: Livejournal has gone closed-source. http://lj-dev.livejournal.com/854104.html /via @andrewducker

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@jayzalowitz PS: you should come to Homebrew Website Club at Mozilla SF at 6 tonight! http://indiewebcamp.com/events/2014-04-23-homebrew-website-club

It's not the job of the disenfranchised to be ambassadors.

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Wait. @mattcutts finds a "congrats" note from the TSA *in* his luggage and people think it's cute?!

Excited that Lukas Moodysson seems to be back to his Fucking Åmal form. His latest movie looks great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWWNd-eybN0

The world would be so much better if people were more easy-going. Artificial walls pen us all in.

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@jkphl ... After all, the word "indie" means "independent". Implies diversity and autonomy. Sorry again.

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@jkphl I'm sad to hear that. I doubt anyone is consciously trying to be off-putting, but the effect is important.

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@jkphl Oh no! Generally I've found the community to be really friendly. I'm very sorry you had a bad experience.

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@mathowie G L O B A L T H E R M O N U C L E A R W A R

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@jayzalowitz Absolutely! Tonight not good, but tomorrow / Thursday could work?

Experienced PHP developers looking for a full-time gig: say howdy. Thank you.

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It's a bit like getting Capone on tax evasion, but whatevs.

If some photographers wanted to sue GWB for infringement, I'd be okay with this. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/apr/09/george-bushs-paintings-bear-uncanny-resemblance-to-google-images

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My morning coffee had apparently not taken hold, by the way - I meant "decentralized commerce is decentralized power", as opposed to the weird tautology I actually wrote.

I agree about physical economies of scale, although I wonder if there are ways to cooperatively achieve the same thing with smaller entities. R&D too, perhaps?

I love the idea of the Earth Day selfie. Will be participating later. http://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/globalselfie

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The question is really about the circle of attention that you care about. Do you just care about your body, and the effect that the apple has on it, or do you care about the wider context?

Yes, the workers were paid the same wage and treated equally, and yes, the environmental impact was the same, according to the parameters you've set up here.

For me, it's not so much whether there's a righteousness about local-organic-sustainable, but this forces us to ask questions about the kind of world we want to live in. Do we want to live in a world where the market is sealed up by a comparatively small number of giant corporations, and seeds are controlled by patents and licenses, or do we want to live in a world where anyone can create their own farm, and sell to their neighborhood?

I'll take the latter in a heartbeat. There has been, in my opinion, a lot of good that has come from global commerce and the efficiencies of large entities. However, there's been a lot of bad too, and a lot of those abstracted efficiencies are no longer necessary in the age of the Internet and accessible technology. Decentralized commerce is decentralized commerce, and a more equal culture. I'm down with that.

With all this talk about GFY files, I hadn't realized they were a silo format that depends on their origin service. Lame sauce.

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