Back in San Francisco. Where's my burrito?


@sarahdessen I have definitely never felt this way before.


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Wow. After eleven hours on Edelweiss, United now feels like the best airline ever.


I hope to never fly Swiss Air (or Edelweiss) again. Pretty incompetent at virtually every turn.


Wheels down Las Vegas. A city just like Zurich, so I'm sure it'll feel like I never left.


Imagine my delight on learning I'm flying in a two-engine A330 all the way to Las Vegas.


Zurich, du bist schon. Zurich Flughafen, du bist scheisser.


@cczona That's pretty great. I had no idea!


@dbounds Gas, pollution, congestion. Granted, in non-urban areas they make much more sense.


@dbounds They're wasteful and expensive. Rail (including urban rail), buses are far better - and imply more egalitarian town centers.


Cars suck. If you need them to make a city work, you've failed at planning.


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Taking public transport in the U.S. is a taboo in many places - something for poor people. So unbelievably dumb. I'll miss this (again).


Was going to Uber to the airport and then realized public transport will be faster.


Twitter is asking . If you thought we'd progressed far beyond the 1950s, as I did, you were wrong. A facade.