@chrismessina I'm not anti-db, clearly. But @bmann is right: shouldn't have to sysadmin. We have a service. Sandstorm etc have promise.


@chrismessina Looong answer to this. Self hosting should be as easy as installing an app. It isn't right now. @kevinmarks @erinjo


@obra Aiiee. Just sent you an email.


@kylewm2 I feel exactly the same way! Older but also recommended: Short Term 12.


@kylewm2 @mattl Seen and loved it!


I'm calling it: I've earned a night off. Do I watch an Oscar-nominated movie, do I find a really good drama, or something else?


That dress is a good reminder that people interpret the world differently, sometimes in ways we can't comprehend. And that's okay.


The future of social networks - a very pragmatic, informed view from a man who knows. http://thinkapps.com/blog/entrepreneurship/chris-messina-future-social-networks/


It's not yet, but I can't sing @erinjo's praises enough. Best cofounder ever.


Circa launched a website today. Here's why: https://medium.com/circa/a-page-we-can-call-home-c2789456bfdc


@danlyke Because these kinds of rules sure did harm the telephone!


Silicon Valley, I'm sneaking into all of your computers and installing this overnight. http://www.sansbullshitsans.com/


Everything comes down to perception.


@emarcroft It's actually a blue and black dress. I see it as white and gold too. Many people don't. Something weird and optical going on.


@johncappiello Spoke to one company dealing with identity just this afternoon ... not willing to pick a side, but happy to integrate.