Hello! I'm Ben Werdmüller, a web product manager, platform architect and developer. Right now I'm CTO at latakoo, an enterprise video startup; previously, I co-founded Elgg.

I'm working on idno, a new kind of open source social networking platform (which powers this site).

I'm based in San Francisco and Santa Rosa, California. My email is hosted by Google, I keep documents on Dropbox, and my server is hosted in Dallas, Texas, on SoftLayer. My phone number is powered by Google Voice.













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@_tessr Awesome! Yeah, I'm sorry I missed it. I heard good things (as usual)! @caseorganic

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@_tessr Also, from that I infer you've met one of the coolest people I know.

Ben Ben

I know my place.

Austin: I'm meeting local LAMP developers today. You'd work with some of the world's biggest media orgs. Grab a coffee with me?

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@_tessr You've gotta be kidding, etc. But yes. Sooo cute.

@jetblue Heads up that your checkin is broken. Two cards rejected as invalid numbers when adding more speed, then an internal error.

Sadly my "there is no data, only null" joke only really works with a French accent.

Oculus: four stars. Decent ghost story, no jump scares, Karen Gillan does a good job.

One day I'm going to do a pitch in character as the Doctor. But probably not today.

Experienced LAMP developers in Austin: if you're looking for a new gig working on genuinely meaningful problems, talk to me.

The new Android camera is really interesting. Almost, but not quite, like having a Lytro in your pocket (but only works for static shots).

Solar powered

Rainbow maker.

"You're invited to a Eurovision party" - yeah! finally! super-excited! - "in Edinburgh." Bah. Related: I am holding a Eurovision party.

Checked into Starbucks

Wifi's powered by Google now; dramatically faster than before.

For both weight and financial reasons, once I'm back from ATX I'm banning myself from eating out more than twice a month. Thinking it's about time I started cooking for my friends, too. It's too easy to just go and eat somewhere.

YouTube thinks it rivals TV. My opinion: it still has some work to do. http://adage.com/article/digital/exclusive-interview-susan-wojcicki-s-plan-youtube/292621/

Futzing with PowerPoint in my hotel room. AKA: living the dream.

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@chrisamccoy Content creators will completely decouple from channels. Content like news, sports, still valuable - but distributed differently.

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@chrisamccoy We will all make and share our own channels. Companies will curate, but so will individuals.

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