What young women in tech are saying about the Ellen Pao case http://fortune.com/2015/03/26/what-young-women-in-tech-are-saying-about-the-ellen-pao-case/


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@hermioneway I don't. But I already miss the NHS - can't imagine what it must be like with children.


@davidmead In that case the stored JPG file would be 8/2/9/0/8290abcfd3d447489364d2d2f89b7b8a.file - trying to figure out what happened


@davidmead Eek - we'll keep working on the feature. Deleted from your Known blog?


@hermioneway Been having exactly the same thought. Having done both, community is stronger here, but the personal risks are terrifying.


Replied to a post on werd.io :

We open sourced our user research materials last year, and they're still the basis of what we do: https://github.com/idno/User-Research


We've taken most of today to validate some assumptions by talking to people who have never used Known. The experience always blows me away.


Replied to a post on werd.io :

If you need help with open sourcing your project, we can help with that, too. https://withknown.com/services/


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Media startup idea: create an opt-in directory of Meerkat / Periscope feeds and act as a licensing middle-man to news outlets.


Nothing like a shot of adrenaline on a Friday morning.


I showed you my heart / You showed me your homemade snare trap http://hannahwerdmuller.com/track/pre-apocalyptic-love-song