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Awesome afternoon comparing notes with @Haje, who is doing fascinating things with screens and signage at


Corporate / agency work is about as far away from startup work as you can get. Different skills and mindset. I love startup scrappiness.


Facebook just introduced a refined version of Slack's reacji. I like it. More nuanced communications that are still fun. Rated 💯


Hit my 40 hour workweek earlier today. That means I can stop, right?


Replied to a post on :

Engineers don't hold the key. Designers don't hold the key. Biz dev doesn't hold the key. Marketing doesn't hold the key. It's called a team


As software development mainstreams, I've noticed that more people in tech companies are dismissive of engineers. Don't do that.


@kylewmahan @kevinmarks Yikes! Traffic, traffic! Which isn't at all to say that we don't have lots of real human visits.


If you need to integrate a community space into your intranet or LMS, I'd love to talk to you.


@_tessr Wait, in Berkeley? *double-checks windows*


@phpstorm Two issues: 1) nested namespace autocompletion isn't working for me in the latest, 2) numerous crashes under OSX El Capitan :(


Who says we're not solving the tough problems?


People will pay money for high-quality, in-depth background content, but news itself has been devalued.


I'm waiting for someone to disrupt coffee by selling simple, fairtrade brews for a dollar. Until then:


@obra I'm about to head into the city. Next time!