Finally saw the Mad Men finale tonight. Did not stop weeping. Just me?


Gin and tater tots sound like about my speed for this evening.


I freaking love . Working, so can't watch today's semifinal, but listening to this:


@erinjo Well, I mean, just look at Aleph. Threads. Everywhere.


We all have a personal API of sorts: the persona we choose to present to the world. Like any interface, we all choose how open we are.


Delighted to learn about the Bay Area Book Festival, just round the corner from my house:


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... It's also more fun. Who wants to work with "normal"? Does normal even exist?


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On weirdness: the more different your perspective is to the mainstream, the more likely you are to find new solutions.


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The weirder you are, the harder it might be to find value fit - but I think founders need to be weird. Challenging. I got lucky!


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Just like in any relationship, if you constantly disagree about the fundamentals, it might not be a great fit.


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Hiring is important not just because you want awesome people with great skills: you want people who buy into the company vision, too.


You don't become a leader by being commanding or dressing for the part. It's because people are inspired to follow you. Values in alignment.


The @HillaryClinton account strategy is turning out to be genius. Not just her voice; lots of real voices. First time in a campaign?


I very much like this post from USV's @albertwenger on why we are here: