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This looks familiar


Adding @kylewm and @mapkyca as collaborators to the @withknown open source project: best thing I've done so far this year.


This looks extremely cool.


Selling a product on ideology isn't just a losing prospect, it's really boring. Solve concrete problems people have now - in an ethical way.


In 2016 I'm averaging at least one old friend visit per month. Keep it up!


The older I get, the more I understand that every kind of relationship is just about being yourself. Bring it. And by it, I mean you. 👍


Growing up in Oxford, I used to cycle everywhere. Here, I don't even own a bike - but maybe it's time.


@johnjohnston @Downes @dajbelshaw @cogdog @anchor I'm loving the app so far. Really wish they hadn't used "public radio" as a description.


@johnjohnston @Downes @dajbelshaw @cogdog @anchor FWIW I'm not worried about iPhone-only. It's v hard to launch on all platforms on day 1.


I mean, if you will put your national fiscal budget on GitHub ...


Can we stop making female robot slaves already? And is anyone else weirded out that this is a real question?


"Anchor is true public radio." Oh, so it's a non profit run as a public good? No. Does look interesting though:


I'm so proud of the @withknown open source community. Publish in a group, or as your own site:


EAGLES VS DRONES. Well done, Netherlands!


@staeiou I live in Berkeley, so every day! I'll send you a DM.