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8 year old me would be a little disappointed by 36 year old me. Why aren't I writing stories every day? Would child-you be happy with you?


@smc90 Particularly resonant with me because ive been thinking a lot about it this week. All about spending more time with people I love.


@smc90 I love the idea behind this blackboard. As well as your mom's wonderful answer.


Replied to a post on :

I ran a community for discussing politics (among other things). Choose your own identity, but don't personally attack. Worked! Another era.


I used to genuinely believe that people from different contexts with differing ideologies would meet online and learn from each other. Lol?


Ten episodes in, I'm comfortable saying that is better than Buffy - which isn't a comparison I make lightly.


I've spent a really lovely week with my parents. I'm so lucky to have them - and grateful. So glad I'm not thousands of miles away anymore.


Nobody agrees with me that this mansion looks like a duckling who plays American football.


@obra No, but I could rustle one up. I'll send you a message re: the import / export, too. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving :)


Pie. Pie pie pie. Pie pie. Pie.


I didn't know this: the Statue of Liberty was designed as a sculpture of a Muslim woman.


@happystartups @Workshopshed Will do. Also worth adding that building up some wealth is becoming more important in both the UK & US, sadly.


@Workshopshed @happystartups I meant owning frivolous goods. Ownership of, eg, companies does encourage responsibility.


@bbetts I'll definitely pass that on! @davetosh


No religion is inherently a religion of hate. Fundamentalism is inherently an attitude of hate.