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A list of independent, non-military drone projects

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Here are some independent, non-military projects involving drones. These are projects that aren't selling drones in themselves, but rather are using drones as the backbone of the project. I've listed a single contact person for each one, which is usually the CEO but may also be the lead engineer:

Deliveries & Commerce

Tacocopter (Star Simpson)

QuiQui: Automated Drone Delivery of Pharmacy Items (Joshua Ziering)

Matternet, a kind of drone postal service (Martin Ling)

Flirtey, "the world's first autonomous aerial delivery company" (Francis Vierboom)

Skymail, "shipping things from door to door in 30 minutes or less" (Lukas Wrede)

Space Leap, robotic transportation (Erik Unger)

Personal Drones

Fleye: Your Personal Flying Camera (Laurent Eschenauer)

Lily, "the first personal autonomous camera in history" (Henry Bradlow)

Fotokite, a kind of flying steadicam (Sergei Lupashin)

AirDroids, which carry a GoPro, sold separately (Chance Roth)

Business Drones

Skycatch, programmable private drone surveillance (Christian Sanz)

Ceres Imaging, spectral data to optimize water and nitrogen for agriculture (Roberto Bunge)

Open Source Libraries

NodeCopter, which powers many of the above projects (Felix Geisendörfer)

Have I missed any? Let me know!