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Matter San Francisco Happy Hour

Meet Matter!

Location: Matter, 421 Bryant, San Francisco, CA 94107


Applications for our next class are open! We'd like to open our doors and invite you into our space to see what it's like behind the scenes at Matter.

Join our team for happy hour drinks and mingling on Wednesday, March 15th! Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

Matter's San Francisco Director of Investments, Ben Werdmuller will give an overview of the Matter experience and field your questions on the Matter program and application process.

If you're new to Matter, this is your opportunity to learn more about us.

If you've already applied to our program, this is a good chance to see our space, meet the team, and ask any general questions you have.

Afterwards, stick around for food, drinks, and networking with our team members, alumni and other guests.


More details:

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