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Another progressive win

I'll be voting for Elizabeth Warren in the California Primary, and I will vote for whoever the Democratic candidate turns out to be, but I'm very excited by Bernie's three caucus wins. These are wins for real, genuinely progressive politics.

I want an inclusive, equal society.

I want real, universal healthcare.

I want a real social safety net.

I want real educational options for everyone, regardless of income.

I want the Green New Deal.

I want corporate power to be balanced by worker power.

I want a real, safe, comfortable future for everyone.

I want to put the myth of trickle-down economics and veneration of the rich to bed.

I'm convinced that the progressive agenda is the best way to achieve these things. And I'm hopeful that we're seeing a signal that America is moving away from the toxic conservatism that has dominated our discourse.

Fingers crossed.