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Blog Sources, July 2020

A long time ago, I promised to share the blogs I subscribe to. This is that post - in service of an important question. Who else should I be subscribing to? In particular, which underheard voices should I be listening to, on any subject? Do you have a blog? Have I overlooked you? Let me know.

As with my end-of-month roundups, I've made an attempt to sort these sources into categories, but I subscribe to people, not topics. It's highly likely that people use their blogs to write in a way that defies categorization, and those are the kinds of sources I prefer.

As always: I subscribe using NewsBlur, and read using the cross-platform Reeder app. I also read email newsletters in NewsBlur, and I subscribe to many - but that can be the subject of another post.

The Business of Tech

A Smart Bear by Jason Cohen - thoughts on startups and marketing

Andrew Chen - partner at a16z

Anil Dash - CEO of Glitch and old-school blogger

A VC - Fred Wilson, co-founder of Union Square Ventures, writes daily

The Barefoot VC - Jalak Jobanputra, founder of Future\Perfect Ventures

Both Sides of the Table - Mark Suster, Managing Partner at Upfront Ventures

Coding VC - Leo Polovets, coder turned VC

Continuations - Albert Wenger, partner at Union Square Ventures

Crunchbase News - reporting on funding deals multiple times a day; most of them aren't of interest, but sometimes there will be a really useful insight hidden in the news

Dan Gillmor - co-founder of the News Co/Lab

Daring Fireball - John Gruber's prolific, roughly Apple-centric blog

Digidave - Dave Cohn, journalism tech innovator, currently running Advance Digital's Alpha Group

Dries Buytaert - open source pioneer and founder of Drupal; co-founder at Acquia

Benedict Evans - former analyst at a16z; I rarely agree with his societal conclusions, but he's always well thought out and insightful

Feld Thoughts - Brad Feld is co-founder of Foundry Group and TechStars

David Cohen - Managing Partner at Techstars

Hunter Walk - Partner at Homebrew

Kapor Center - one of the most important organizations for making tech more inclusive and impactful

Marco Arment - solo operator of the excellent Overcast; formerly the lead developer at Tumblr and the creator of Instapaper

Marshall Kirkpatrick - former tech journalist (who wrote about my first startup at TechCrunch), now Vice President, Influencer Relations, Analyst Relations, and Competitive Intelligence at Sprinklr

Matt Mullenweg - a founder of WordPress, CEO at Automattic

Lizard Wrangling - Mitchell Baker is Chair of the Mozilla Foundation

Chai Musings - Neeraj Mathur is my former colleague at ForUsAll, and veteran of many of Silicon Valley's iconic institutions

Obvious Startup Advice - Eric Marcoullier is a startup veteran, and this no-nonsense advice blog should be on every founder's list

Pascal Finette - Pascal is a former mentor at Matter; he works at Singularity University, where he's the Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation

Rands in Repose - Michael Lopp writes about tech leadership and was blogging in the early days

Sam Altman - former head of YC, now the CEO of OpenAI; I often disagree, but understanding Sam's kind of investor mindset is really important

Semil Shah - founder of Haystack Ventures

Signal vs Noise - the canonical corporate blog; this is absolutely how it should be done. Always smart, always insightful

The Slow Hunch - Nick Grossman is a partner at Union Square Ventures

Steve Blank - influential author of the Startup Handbook

Stratechery - I'm a paid subscriber; this is the daily tech analysis blog and newsletter, and the paid updates are absolutely worth the money

This is Going to Be BIG - Charlie O'Donnell is partner at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures

Tomasz Tunguz - VC at Redpoint who often writes about economic history

Doc Searls - author of The Intention Economy, co-founder of Customer Commons, and co-author of the Cluetrain Manifesto

Seth Godin - thought-provoking short pieces around marketing and motivation

The Philosophy of Tech

Amber Case - calm technology, futurism, and the human side of tech design

J. Nathan Matias - founder of the CAT (Citizens And Tech) Lab

… My heart’s in Accra - Ethan Zuckerman is a media scholar and internet activist

Andy Baio - co-founder of XOXO and Upcoming (RIP) who sits at the intersection of tech and culture in the most beautiful way. Don't miss his links blog

Tatania Mac - an indie engineer who often writes about inclusion topics and maintains Devs of Colour

Craphound - Corey Doctorow is an author and tech rights activist

Ruha Benjamin - the author of Race After Technology

Nadia Eghbal - absolutely remarkable tech researcher who wrote a book on the dynamics of open source that I'm looking forward to reading

Idle Words - Maciej Cegłowski is solo operator of Pinboard, and one of the wittiest voices in tech

Jillian C York - Director for International Freedom of Expression at the EFF

Hapgood - Mike Caulfield is an edtech innovator and arguably a whistleblower; always fascinating insights at the intersection of technology and society

Caterina Fake - co-founder of Flickr, among others

reb00ted - Johannes Ernst on tech at the intersection of fairness and sustainability

LibrarianShipwreck - originally about the future of libraries; now about the future of us

Building Tech

Smashing Magazine - in-depth articles specifically about front-end coding

Minor 9th - Simon Pearson's long-running blog about music, coding, and everything else in-between

Amy MacKinnon - web developer and thespian; usually writes about programming

gregorLove - Gregor Morrill's indieweb blog

Evan Prodromou - open source and decentralized social pioneer, now at Wikipedia

Manton Reece - founder of

Julia Evans - software developer and tech zine publisher

Amit Gawande - a software developer in Pune, India

A List Apart - a relatively low-volume, high-signal publication about tech, coding, and the tech business

Tom MacWright - entrepreneurial coder who worked on Observable and Mapbox

Coding Horror - Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Stack Overflow, on coding and life

Programming is Terrible - "lessons learned from a life wasted"

Ouvre Boite - Julien Genestoux on decentralization, his adventures in media, and the future of the web

Simon Willison - Simon's a successful entrepreneur, the co-creator of the Django framework, and he's now working on Datasette, a tool for exploring and publishing data

Ryan Barrett - indieweb pioneer and Head of Engineering at Color Genomics

Tantek Çelik - co-founder of the indieweb movement who works on web standards at Mozilla / the W3C, and runner

Tom Morris - coder turned legal scholar

Aaron Parecki - co-founder of the indieweb movement and among the world's most quantified selfs

Throw Out the Manual - Tim Owens on his building and hacking adventures as co-founder of Reclaim Hosting

API Evangelist - Kin Lane on the business, politics, and technology of APIs

Education and Tech

bavatuesdays - Jim Groom is the original edupunk, now the co-founder of Reclaim Hosting

CogDogBlog - Alan Levine is Vice President Community & CTO at the New Media Consortium

Discourses - Doug Belshaw sits at the intersection of open source and education

Hack Education - Audrey Watters is a brilliant writer, truth-teller, and self-proclaimed "ed-tech's Cassandra"; absolutely vital thoughts if you care even a little bit about the future of education

Iterating Toward Openness - David Wiley is the Chief Academic Officer at Lumen Learning and former Shuttleworth Fellow

Laura Ritchie - Professor of Learning and Teaching at the University of Chichester

D'Arcy Norman - Manager of the Learning Technologies group in the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, at the University of Calgary

Geoffrey Gevalt - former journalist and founder of the Young Writers Project

Culture & Society

Live Laugh Blog - Jenn Schiffer, Director of Community at Glitch, writes a really entertaining lifestyle blog

Nick Grant - insightful posts about depression and suicide. Definitely comes with a content warning

Every Day Fiction - daily flash fiction that never fails to improve my life

Daily Science Fiction - a new high-quality science fiction story, daily

Charlie's Diary - Edinburgh-based science fiction writer Charles Stross writes about everything with ascerbic wit and the kind of insight you'd expect from a writer of his stature

The Creative Independent - produced by Kickstarter, this is a publication about making it on your own as a creative person

Making Light - I've been reading since this was Tor editor Teresa Nielsen Hayden's personal blog in 2001, but now it's something bigger - one of the original, beautifully idiosyncratic communities on the internet

Neil Gaiman - the author of Sandman, among many, many other things - Sim Salis interviews people from across the intellectual spectrum about life and career - among other things

adrienne maree brown - the inspirational author of Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism

Grasping Reality with Both Hands - Brad DeLong is professor of economics at U.C. Berkeley, a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research, and served in the Clinton administration

Nieman Lab's What We're Reading - a linklog keeping track of digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and the state of the world

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