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I'm hiring

I'm looking for an entrepreneurial front-end engineer to help with our work at ForUsAll. Our mission is to help all Americans build a brighter financial future, a click at a time.

We heavily use React, Redux, and supporting packages like Storybook, Jest, and Styled Components. We're beginning to use more Node and Puppeteer, too.

Most importantly, you're a great communicator with a product mindset. We're a small team that uses human-centered processes to make product decisions - something you would be heavily involved in.

This is one of the most diverse engineering teams I've ever worked with, and people from all contexts and backgrounds are encouraged to get in touch. Your school or degree (including whether you have one) will not be evaluated, but you do have to be resident in the US and be legally permitted to work here.

If you have questions or want to get in touch, email me at my ForUsAll address: