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What’s going on over here:

On Friday Ma missed the last outdoor step and landed face-first on the driveway. She was immediately rushed to hospital in an ambulance (which arrived within 5 minutes). Thankfully, there were somehow no broken bones, and CT scans revealed no significant internal damage.

But she’s much weaker than before - from a starting point of being very weak and thin - and much more confused. We’re all watching for signs of worsening concussion. She doesn’t know what day it is, is repeating herself often, and moving is hard: it took about an hour for three of us to get her into bed yesterday. She’s not really able to talk on the phone or direct her own healthcare at this point. She needs a lot of help.

Work is being really accommodating, which I appreciate a lot. We’re hoping to get a home help nurse but the process takes a little while (and she was denied last time we tried).

It’s a scary time. I blame myself for not being with her to go down the stairs: it was at an unusual time, because she’d had a blood transfusion in the morning, and I was unthinkingly in a work meeting at the time (which of course I ended very abruptly).

We’re all very preoccupied by this, as you might expect, and other life stuff and obligations are falling by the wayside for now. We all hope she improves, but she might not. None of us do prayers, but healing, good thoughts are always appreciated. And I wanted to say something, because we’re all doing a little worse at being normal humans right now.