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Announcing the Orwell Fund's inaugural startup batch

Log into any website with just your DNA. Running your finger along the specially designed reader is enough to locate you in our database. Because your authentication information, payment details, address and identity are now stored with your genetic traits, ancestry, relatives and location, we can provide highly personalized services that make myDNA the best personal assistant you've ever had. Coming in Q3: harness the power of you as a service with the DNAPI.

Now, the real-world services you use every day can recognize you just by the way you walk! Step onto a bus and sit down: you've bought a ticket automatically. Walking to your favorite restaurant? Our extensive gaitkeeper camera network means that your table will be waiting for you by the time you get there. Keep track of your fitness goals without having to carry a pedometer, and check in just by walking in! Gait changes the world around you as you explore it, every day.

Finally, a personalized civic crowdfunding platform that takes the friction out of participative democracy and helps make the world you need. Tell CitiesIn about what you would like to see from local, national and international government, top up your CitiesIn account every month, and we'll automatically divert funds to the pressure groups, lobbyist organizations and non-profits that are most likely to achieve your goals. Perhaps you'd like lower taxes, or feel passionately about civil liberties? You're not alone. Leverage the predictive power of the crowd with CitiesIn.

Airbnb for communes.
We're building an amazing secure communications platform that fits you. Are you worried about your privacy, but finding all that encryption and open source software hard to use? Yeah, us too. That's why we built we manage all that stuff behind the scenes, so all you need to worry about is connecting to your favorite apps, sites, and people. We "store your secure keys" in the cloud using military-grade security, and choose the encryption or security method that makes the most sense for what you're trying to do. You shouldn't need to think about security to be secure. With, you don't have to.

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