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Humanist technologist. Equality and adventures.

I co-founded Elgg and Known, worked on Medium, and now invest in innovative media startups to support a stronger democracy at Matter.


This isn't about Google. A quick glance at Blind shows this is in the woodwork everywhere in Silicon Valley.


"Companies that limit decision making authority strictly do so at their peril  & they drive away their best talent."


"My job as an investor is to actively partner with and serve founders." Yes.


Finally deleted Swarm. Kind of done with deliberately leaving a footprint telling everyone where I am.


H2O is an open platform for sharing and remixing open course materials.


Have a Roomba? It's been mapping your home and it's going to be selling that data. In other news, fuck everything.


We're "steeped in a culture telling us to think of ourselves as self-reliant instead of interdependent." It's a con:


The Big Sick is such a lovely movie. I laughed and cried. Romantic and hilarious. Worth catching in the theater if you haven't yet.


Greedily reading through these stories (and thinking about one of my own).


This simply isn't how life should be. A sad story, and a warning.


The more we think of the human body as an ecosystem, the more we may be able to cure.


If the US wanted to be more like the Netherlands, that would be okay with me, too.


Actual healthcare outcomes put the UK 10th - still above the US, where healthcare is a brutal, market-based system.


A reasonable theory. Now, if we can convince the American public to be less obsessed with war and the military ...


I just set myself a new challenge.


The proof just gets stronger and stronger. Although, always remember: a bunch of people really voted for this joker.


Unacceptable in any context; regressive beyond belief and not up for debate. Everything in this article has to stop.


I really like this. I've worked on remote teams for most of my career, and there are strong arguments for it.


Facebook has 2bn users. Its content guidelines affect how much of the world learns - and black voices are silenced.


It's time for media companies to help build the web. My first post for the International News Media Association:


Demoing my beautiful new site theme!


Does anyone know if there's any beer or hamburgers in this town? being held up as an example of a great personal website. It's beautiful. Inspiringly organic.


For clarity: I won't tolerate or work with, in any capacity, anyone I know to be a misogynist or bigot. And I'll warn others.


I need more