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Unfortunately, Las Vegas wasn’t the worst mass shooting in US history.


"New content forms are also new opportunities to try new business models, free from user expectations."


The entire internet depends on open source software, but we have to do better.


Why do people leave tech? This is an important report. We need new kinds of companies with safer cultures.


What does psychological safety in a team or working environment mean to you? How do you think it intersects with inclusion?


If they're capturing social media handles on popular, large sites, there seems like an obvious workaround.


The tide is turning. Keybase is an exciting startup - I'm glad it's getting recognition.


Some thoughts on finding a technical cofounder (or evaluating a non-technical one).


TBH is kind of a sweet idea:


Decentralization communities were completely right about the danger of centralized services as the place where we get and share information.