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He / him.


This lifelong Whovian is happy right now. Except for the "waiting until 2017" part.


To the owner of the TARDIS in Sebastopol: I appreciate you very much.


My mother and I just agreed we're pretty much obligated to watch the Christmas special. Haven't seen it yet; not super excited.



I've been a fan for most of my life, and I genuinely think this week's story may have been the best ever. Superb work, @rtalalay.



What's your favorite underrated story? Mine's The Happiness Patrol.


A new spin-off set at the Coal Hill School. Alright then. I hope Totters Lane gets a look-in.


Blown away at the news that Christopher Eccleston quit because they wanted him to drop his accent. Glad Capaldi has kept his.


After a bunch of very high quality episodes, this weekend's was horribly written and badly made. What happened?