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Checked into Simpson Library

Here for the Domain Of One's Own hackathon.


Checked into SFO

Flying to Virginia.




Checked into Saul's

Treating myself to a proper bagel with shmeer for breakfast.


Checked into Woodfour Brewing Company

Beer (and email) in Sebastopol.



Checked into Firehouse Grill

At a sports bar for post drinks. Not sure conversations are going to be possible over the baseball ...






Checked into Moscone Center

Checking in for my talk later. Now off to find coffee.


Checked into

Drove in. Only took 75 minutes! (Bus: 25.)


Checked into SFO

Now, how the hell do I get home?



Checked into Henrietta's Table

One last New England breakfast.


Checked into Shake Shack

Better than In N Out by a mile. 🍔




Checked into Landfall Restaurant

Dinner looking out on Woods Hole harbor.



Checked into Moonakis Cafe

Brunch with my cousin, who I haven't seen for years. 🎉


Checked into Lord Hobo

Nice bar! 🍺🍸🐌


Checked into The Thirsty Scholar

I don't belong here






Checked into Area Four

Breakfast before Indie Web Camp.